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I just got my hands on the dvd's for s3-s5 of Teen Wolf, so I figured, wouldn't it be fun to do a rewatch of the entire show. I'll be trying to write a review of each episode as I go, and hopefully others will enjoy it as much as I'm hoping I will :-)

Read more... )One of the first things i notice in the first ep, is how the dynamic is made clear from the start. Scott wants to do normal kid things, go to school, join the sport team. (even if he has no chance of joining), he deals with asthma, and allows Stiles spooking him in the most stupid way possible without more than a mock protest. All through the first ten minutes, there’s several moments where Stiles puts down Scott’s intelligence, his dreams, hopes, ... And he does this without considering the impact of his words on Scott.

Stiles is obviously shown as the risk taker, who goes into situations without thinking. At this point he’s the leader of the two, with Scott following his guide, since Stiles is probably his best if not only friend, and he doesn’t want to let him down. But all through that first scene it’s obvious that Stiles hadn’t bothered to think through the situation beyond “wouldn't it be cool to see a dead body”. As Scott puts it: “It’s comforting to know that you’ve planned this out with your usual attention for detail.”

From the start of the ep, we’re shown Scott as the innocent one. The one who isn’t in control. He’s little red riding hood, heading into the forest to meet the wolf, not even realizing that’s what’s happening. Since from his pov, this is pretty much another one of Stiles stupid plans, and he’s not about to let Stiles deal with it on his own. Like any teenage kid, he’s probably a bit bored with highschool, and his low place on the totem pole, but overall, he’s shown as a good responsible kid.

When he meets the Alpha (Peter), it happens quick, with little warning, and I doubt that Peter really gave what happens any more thought than figuring he’d either get rid of a witness, or since the kid gets away, a beta, which’ll be useful, since having recently gained his Alpha abilities, he feels the need to build a pack to gain power, and Scott probably felt like he’d be easy to control. (Peter would soon be shown to be wrong about this of course, but then that’s what makes Scott the hero of the story)

Then of course there’s Scott’s first meeting with Allison, when he doesn’t even realize it’s her in the car.

At School we also meet Jackson, being his usual jerkish self. Being set up as your typical rich bully.

Scott talks to Stiles, who rather than really listening to his friend, instead instantly talks down to Scott, doubting Scott’s words, we find out about Stiles stalker like obsession with Lydia, and her total disinterest in him. At this point we’re still given no real reason as to why Scott should possibly even like Stiles.

I loved the scene where Scott first finds out about his powers, the way he accidentally listens in on Allison's phone conversation. It’s clear from their first interaction that the attraction is obviously mutual. Which is a nice subversion of the usual cliché, where it takes a couple seasons before they get together, and much more in tune with real life. Also no creepy nice guy, pretense at being her friend while really wanting to date her trope, all of which is very very refreshing.

Lydia is set up as the popular girl, dating the school jock. Thankfully we’ll get more exploration of her beyond that trope later on.

I felt so bad for Scott at the start of the scene with the Coach. The coach is obviously being an asshole here. He pretty much sets Scott up to be humiliated, all to make his team feel good about themselves. We’re also given an introduction to the disadvantages of werewolf hearing.

Only then then the scene is turned around on itself, and it becomes a moment of victory for Scott with just the right musical undertone as his werewolf abilities kick in. And of course it helps set up the further attraction between Scott and Allison. :-)

Afterwards though, Scott once again shows what a thoughtful kid he is. Sure, that moment was cool, and he’s able to do all these awesome things. But showing his intelligence (and as we later find out, much of this might come from working as Deaton’s assistant), he starts considering that maybe what’s happening to him, might not be a good thing. He could be sick, and this adrenaline rush he’s currently going through might be a symptom of bad things ahead. Stiles as the movie nerd brings up the whole werewolf thing, but see that’s the point, up to this moment, Scott has had no reason to believe in the supernatural. And as far as he knows, as far as Stiles even admits, Stiles is just mocking Scott’s very genuine fears about what’s happening to him. (and sure, Scott doesn’t know what lycanthropy is, but how many people who aren’t interested in fantasy/horror really would know that term?)

We also find out that Scott’s family has money trouble. So up to this point what we know about Scott is that he’s a good responsible kid, from a family with few funds, living in an area that possibly has wild animals living around it. A kid who’s suffered from asthma, is an outcast and nerd, not the fandom kind of nerd, more the spending more time in his schoolbooks. He’s not the kind of kid that’s picked on, or the class clown. He’s the average young boy who has never really stood out in his life, who is trying to prepare for the future, and who lets the bad influence of Stiles bring some excitement in his life. But never expected the weirdness that his life would become.

Scott (and Stiles) then run into Derek. As the scene is blocked, it’s quite obvious that Derek’s full attention is on Scott. He barely even notices Stiles. We get a moment that obviously meant to be from Derek’s pov, and though Stiles up to this point, has been the one who’s talking, trying to argue their way out of trouble, Derek’s obvious attention is only on Scott, blocking out the kid that’s with him.

Stiles might offer the exposition about Derek, but his knowledge is clearly from listening in on his father(a trait that was pointed out earlier in the ep), rather than any kind of personal interaction. (ignoring the writers mistakes, we can probably blame this on the plothole of the writers changing Derek’s age once they realize how much older Hoechlin looks compared to the other actors)

Next we get to see Scott’s horror when he realizes the animals are scared of him, animals that he’s probably been regularly taking care of for a while now, who now suddenly sense him as a predator. For an animal lover like Scott, that’s probably a pretty scary thing.

When Allison comes in with the wounded dog, he instantly tries to comfort both her and the dog. He limits himself to giving immediate care to the dog, things he has had enough knowledge in how to do , before the actual vet gets there, instead of leaving the poor dog in pain.

I love how he reacts to Allison talking about how she behaved like a girl, pointing out that she ‘is’ a girl, and there’s nothing wrong, or shameful with that, while still respecting her feelings, and admitting his own emotions, opening up about his need to cry in situations. Becoming an instant place of comfort for her.

So by the point he asks her out, they’ve already had some time together, and it’s quite understandable why she likes him back. All in all it’s a sweet moment.

Instantly followed up of course, by the horror of waking up in the woods, half naked, with no idea of how he got there. Once again pursued by something out of sight, a horror he barely gets away from. That sense of horror is constantly there in everything Scott does and says, how he acts afterwards, and his fears of what’s happening to him.

I loved the scene where Jackson tries to confront him about possible steroid use, and Scott’s all ‘what the hell is he talking about’, and that moment of relief when he realizes that Jackson is talking about something as silly as steroids, while Scott’s entire body is betraying him, and freaking him out. It’s one of the few moments in the show where Scott is genuinely allowed to voice his frustrations, and it shows how terrified Scott is, that he even does so, based on what we see from him post s1.

We then get another lacrosse session, that becomes more interesting when you compare it to a similar scene in s4, where the roles have turned around.

Jackson has to deal with the fact that rather than an easily forgettable weakling, that suddenly Scott might be on his own level, that he might actually be a rival. It’s partly Jackson’s own insecurities talking, but as a result he gets harsher against Scott, which gets Scott to give in more to his wolf side in response.

But Scott doesn’t want to think about that. After all his fear, things are finally falling in line, this curse that terrified him is starting to look like it might be something good. And there Stiles comes, Stiles who before mocked his fears, mocked Scott’s bodyhorror, suddenly starts going on about this ridiculous thing, that he’d been mocking only a day earlier. And he expects Scott to just fall in line and give up on that one thing that is finally making things right again, that is giving him some hope that maybe just maybe this is a good thing, instead of a curse.
Scott can feel it, that sense of losing control of himself. But he’s hanging on to that hope. That maybe, somehow this is something good, that he doesn’t have to be scared, that maybe his life is getting better. Refusing to give in to his fear.

Only once he’s at the party, he can no longer remain in denial. The horror comes back. Derek wants to help him, but the way he does it, only makes things worse.

Remember, they’ve only met once, and even then Derek was ostensibly behaving like this total creeper. When Derek offers Allison a ride, the scene is blocked in a way that is supposed to be suspicious.

The horror heaps up on Scott, as his body starts changing, and he becomes what he sees as a monster, filled with adrenaline and a change he can’t handle. Combined with Derek’s sudden obsession with Scott, and Derek’s lack of an explanation, and refusal to tell Scott what’s going on, it’s no shock that Scott jumps to conclusion and assumes that the creeper following him is the guy he should be scared of, that Derek must have been the one who bit him, and must be the werewolf. He’d be stupid not to think that.

Even when Scott full out accuses him of being the one who bit him, instead of denying it, Derek instead tries to get Scott to embrace the bite as a gift, as something he should be grateful for. (it’s also noticeable that Scott ends up trying to use Derek’s technique when dealing with Liam later on. It’s a mistake, but what other example of introducing someone to life as a werewolf, does Scott even have?)

Derek of course isn’t the one who bit Scott, but based on the information Scott has at this point, and the emotional turmoil he’s in, his beliefs and behavior make perfect sense. Especially since Derek then attacks him immediately. (understandable since unlike Scott, Derek knows that hunters are around, and is trying to get Scott out of sight, but still, once again, Derek doesn’t bother to explain and instead makes himself the threat, rather than someone Scott should be able to trust. (it’s things like these that are probably a big reason why Deaton considers Derek a bad Alpha, because Derek did have a better example, and instead he’s screwing it up every step of the way. And unlike Scott, who changes his behavior as soon as he’s realizing he’s making a mistake, Derek keeps acting like this, until he has no other choice.))

The episode ends with two scenes, one between Scott and Stiles, where Stiles is still misreading Scott, not even bothering to realize Scott’s fear and trying to act as if tthis horrible thing that happened to Scott, from Scott's pov, is somehow a good thing. Or if he does get it, he’s ignoring that fear and being sarcastic when what Scott needs the most, is comfort. Stiles also completely dismisses Scott’s feelings for Allison, mocking it, partly because of his ongoing jealousy towards anyone knew in Scott’s life, and partly because though in his mind he’s allowed to go on and on about Lydia, but God forbid if Scott has an interest outside of Stiles.

The second scene is one between Scott and Allison.

Scott knows he’s screwed up, that he has no real explanation for why he abandoned her, but he doesn’t want to lie to her either. He even admits that he’ll probably disappoint her again in the future. But somehow his open eyed honestly impresses her enough to give him another chance. And just when you think everything’s fine with the world, we get a look at Allison’s father’s face..

And it’s the same hunter that put an arrow through Scott the night before

I think that as a pilot, this episode did a lot of things right. It sets up a believable relationship between Scott and Allison, it shows us who the main characters are and how they relate to one another, giving them at least some foothold in the story.

There are some people who feel like they should have become major supporting chars, but who end up fading from the next ep on, and others who aren’t introduced yet. But the basics is there and the game is on.

Sure Scallison is based on one of the oldest tropes in the book, Romeo and Julia, but it works, especially since the show doesn’t drag out the relationship.
We don’t spend weeks wondering when Allison is finally going to notice Scott, instead they go with the reality of a highschool relationship, which can come quick, and feel like the world depends on it...

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Title: Destiny Is a Tricky Thing
Author: geekslave
Artist: liliaeth
Characters/Pairings: Scott/Isaac
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~25K
Warnings: Brief talk of past abuse (non-graphic), talk of infidelity
Summary: When Scott and Isaac meet they form an instant connection, but the timing just isn't right. Years later they can't forget the night they spent together. Will destiny get out of their way and let them find their way back to each other? Sometimes you have to give destiny a little push.
Notes: all credit goes to my awesome writer geekslave

fic is up at ao3

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Just watched the latest ep of Teen Wolf

"You'll heal"
How dare he. How dare the little scumbag.

I disliked him before this, but now... he's sank below Jackson Whitmore levels of being utter and absolute trash.
scott came from what shoudl have been his sickbed, to look after Stiles, Scott was hurt, still bleeding, but despite all he's been through, despite his pain, despite everything, he came to help. And that's how Mayo Stilinski treats him for it?
That's it, I just want Stiles gone. I just want the show to be rid of him, and for Stiles to fuck off. Or at least for someone to acknowledge that the way Stiles is treating Scott (and Malia for that matter) is wrong, utterly wrong and for someone anyone to call him out on it.

Stiles is definitely going to be the villain of my Teen Wolf big bang, pairing will be Scott/Isaac.
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I just read this great bit of meta on the problems with how Teen Wolf fandom glorifies Stiles at the expense of pretty much every other character on Teen Wolf; definitely worth the read, esp. since I couldn't disagree with any part of it.
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Tippy toeing through college (3112 words) by liliaeth
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV), Supernatural
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: malia tate/krissy chambers
Characters: Malia Tate, Krissy Chambers, Lydia Martin, Scott McCall
Additional Tags: Crossover Pairings, college student malia, College

Roommates in college don't always work out as well as you'd like

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Ultimate Fanfic Trope showdown

Taken from [ profile] trobadora

My fave tropes from most to least favored

1 A/B/O
2 Hurt/Comfort
3 Sex Pollen
4 Royalty/Arranged Marriage
5 Soulmate Identifying Marks: Tattoo, Red Thread of Fate, etc
6 Loyalty Kink
7 Magical Connection (telepathy, etc)
8 Vampires/Werewolves AU
9 Enemies to Friends to Lovers
10 Rivalmancy
11 Adopting/Raising a Baby
11 Found Families
11 Age Difference (possibly due to time travel)
14 Fake Dating/Fake Marriage Accidentally Turns Into Feelings
15 Coffee House AU/Food Service AU
16 High School/Uni AU
17 Seemingly Unrequited Pining
17 Fake Out Make Out
19 Role Reversal AU
20 Amnesia
21 Friends to Lovers
22 Espionage AU
22 Incest
24 'Groundhog Day'/Karmic Time Warp
24 Reincarnation/'25 Lives' AU
24 Trapped in an Elevator/Snowed-In Cabin/etc
24 Selfcest (possibly due to time travel)
28 Actually Unrequited Pining
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Title: The Forge

Writer: meus_venator

Artist liliaeth

Betas: fufaraw and maryjo24

Characters and/or pairings: Jensen/Jared

Genre: SPN RPS, AU, A/B/O

Rating: NC-17

Warnings, kinks & contents: AU, A/B/O, dark!fic, knotting, shifting, graphic depictions of torture and violence, branding, whipping, rape/non-con, Jensen whump, kidnap, alternate AU, dystopian AU, brief instance of switching, BAMF!Jensen, BAMF!Jared. Please do not read if any of these give you pause.

Length: 102k

Summary: Federal Marshal, werewolf hunter, and now, turned were, Jensen Ackles is on leave of absence from the Hunter Division, part of The Bureau of Werewolf Affairs. Struggling to reconcile the incompatible sides of his nature, the Hunter and the predator, he refuses to hunt those who are now his own kind. But before he can turn in his badge, he’s called in to hunt down a were. There are no easy solutions, and he will have to travel into the heart of darkness, the Hunters' Bureau itself, to discover who his enemies are, and what friends remain.

Fic: Masterpost can be found here

click for more pics )
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I used to really like the kink meme. Back in the day, I even tagged for the com. There were always loads of interesting prompts and most of the time you had a pretty good chance to get your prompts filled .

But the past few years, things changed. It wasn't just people moving away from lj. It started before that.

These days though, it's like over half the prompts are repeats from the past few years and most if not all of those tend to be bottomJared, or at the least were turned into bottomJared. And God help you if you post a bottomJensen prompt, because chances of getting one of those filled are getting smaller with every passing month *pouts*

I get that everyone has their preferences and all that, but I just can't in any way get into bottomJared. I just don't find Jared all that attractive, sorry, but I just don't. It's not just his size, it's the way he looks in general, his face, his attitude. There's just nothing vulnerable about him that appeals to me, to want to care about his emotions in the way I do about Jensen's.

And don't even get me started on bottom Sam, cause that's one of the most out of character things imaginable as far as I'm concerned. Sam is such a control freak and utter top, the idea of him bottoming pulls me right out of the story faster than pretty much anything. (short of bottomJohn, those are even worse)

Hell the only thing worse is top Dean or top Jensen, especially when they turn Dean or Jensen into an asshole, which is a quick way to get me to stop reading. I just need to care about Dean or Jensen to like the fic, and if you make the heart of the show unlikeable to me, then well... it won't matter whom you pair him with, I just won't be interested

I tried you know, tried to keep coming up with prompts, to keep people interested in bottomJensen. But it's hard to keep writing prompts when no one is filling them. And even when I tried the [ profile] letskinkjensen community, practically no one but me seemed to post any prompts. It's just hard to keep putting up posts, when almost no one responds to them.

It's like this fandom is just getting less and less interesting to me, and I don't know how long I can keep my interest in the fandom or the kink meme, if things keep going as they are.

In the past when one fandom started losing my interest, I could always move on to a next one, but these days...

Teen Wolf fandom seems obsessed with the worst crack pairing possible, and it's all about the most boring character on the show. Cause honestly, I do not get the interest in Stiles, he's just a boring less well written version of Xander. And the more I see of him on the show, the less I want to see of him. He's just getting more and more annoying, yet somehow TW fandom seems to be hooked on the guy even though he's got pretty much nothing appealing about him.

And Scott fans are nice enough, but most of us seem to be so held down by the overflow of sterek, that it's hard to get inspired and just start writing and readin the kind of fics in this fandom.

I just can't think of any other fandom where the characters interest me enough to move on over to writing the fanfic for it. Cause sure, I like Grimm and IZombie, but somehow, awesome as those shows are, I don't seem to be as inspired to write about it.

In the Flesh works somewhat, but the fandom is just so small. And so much of it seems to be limited to one small portion of what made the fandom interesting in the first place.

Even crossovers are getting less and less interesting, and I really don't know what's left for me to do.

I know I don't want to move fandoms. Not while I've still got stories about Jensen and Dean inside of me. But it's hard to keep doing so, when it often seems like people are only interested in a version of the characters that has nothing in common with the chars I fell in love with.
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Does anyone know how rp’s work on tumblr? Any ideas on how to get one started?

I have an idea that might be interesting involving Teen Wolf (primarily, but pretty much any supernatural fandom might get involved eventually, not sure on that yet) But I have no idea how rp’s work here.

And sure, I could arrange for things on lj, but since most of TW fandom is on tumblr these days, I figured that tumblr might be better. (then again, if I could just get people to get an lj for actual gameplay and just advertize on tumblr...hmmm)

I’d appreciate any help and advice (including if someone wanted to take my idea and help me set things up.)

Pretty please?
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Anyone up for doing a really really quick teen wolf beta?

It's for the apocalypthaton and needs to be posted by tonight.
(I can probably get away with putting up the unbetaed version tonight, long as I can get it betaed before the fics are revealed)

Fic's only a little over 1000 words.
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I was just reading a post of someone on Tumblr about how they wanted more focus on female werewolves. And I get that, it would be awesome to see the archetype turned over. And to see the feminine used as a positive. And right now the only movie I can think of about female werewolves is Gingersnaps, if I well remember the title. Which doesn’t exactly fit the idea, but is still interesting to keep in mind.

But aside of that, the reason I’m not just responding to the post, is because it mostly got me thinking about Teen Wolf, and I didn’t want to sidetrack things and bring in something that has only in a small way to do with the original post.

Anyway, thinking about how socalled feminine characteristics would affect being a werewolf, and it brought to mind just how much they were asking for is actually happening with Scott McCall. Because for all the show does wrong, Scott is just such a turn against the classical werewolf notion of dominance and arrogance.

He’s so unique as a character, because instead of being embarrassed by them, he embraces those character traits that are seen as stereotypically female.

Raised by his mother, he goes for acceptance, pack, cooperation. For being kind and understanding, rather than violence. he understands that he’s stronger when he works with others instead of trying to go it on his own.

He has no hesitation about accepting the strength of those characteristics that are usually seen as female, and even helps his girlfriend understand that those things are nothing to be ashamed of. That there’s nothing wrong with accepting your softer side, that being ‘girly’ is nothing to be ashamed of. That it’s better to deal with your flaws or your lack of understanding and admit them so you can work on them and change them. It’s that kind of characterization that allows him to grow as a character with every passing season and makes him interesting..

But of course, for all that he is different from the usual archetype, and probably in part because of it, most Teen Wolf fans can’t stand him and run for the chance to worship Stiles, aka the cliché male asshole whom they can turn into a self insert. (which makes me wonder about how low a self image they must have), or Derek, the brooding anti-hero instead,. Probably in part because those are the male roles they’re used to. Derek especially, is the classical archetype of violence and dominance. (and many of those same fans then lose interest in Derek when he finally starts learning from Scott and becoming more like Scott’s example, because God forbid that men stop being violent and dominating. )
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There are several things that I wish Teen Wolf fandom got over, but one especially pisses me off whenever I see it.

This notion of Scott being stupid, or always having had bad grades.

When the reality is, that Scott’s grades were actually pretty good before he was bitten. One of the teachers in s1 even adds a note that those bad grades in s1 were way below his usual level.

Deaton actually makes it a point to mention that Scott is one of the most responsible kids he knows. Also keep in mind that he's working as a veterinary assistant. I'm sure that Deaton wouldn't allow Scott to do that job if he didn't believe in his intelligence.

Scott might not be a genius like Lydia, but when he isn’t distracted by just having his entire body altered in something he doesn’t completely understand, some outside force trying to get him to kill his friends and having his entire life turned over, or having his girlfriend’s father try and kill him, he’s actually pretty good at school, because unlike others, he does not mind putting in the work in order to improve.
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Passing Notes (5516 words) by liliaeth
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Isaac Lahey, Vernon Boyd, Erica Reyes, Jackson Whittemore, Chris Argent, Sheriff Stilinski
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - College/University, Scott McCall & Stiles Stilinski Friendship, Alpha Scott McCall

Scott was just a boy when the world found out about werewolves. Later after he was bitten, he would remember fearing the wolves. So how can he blame Stiles for being scared of him, when he used to feel the same way.

Meeting up again in college, two former friends have to decide whether they want to rebuild their relationship or not.

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Shadow of the wolf (2019 words) by liliaeth
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV), The Listener (TV)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Scott McCall/Kira Yukimura
Characters: Scott McCall (Teen Wolf), Kira Yukimura, Liam Dunbar, Stiles Stilinski, Toby Logan, Michelle McCluskey, Bobby Finstock, Mr. Yukimura
Additional Tags: Crossover, Scott-Centric

While investigating a case involving the Beacon Hills Lacrosse team, Toby Logan gets some of the weirdest reads he's had in his life.

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We're apparently supposed to do a random lj post or something today, and I'm sure I'll post something longer later today. But...

I just wanted to say that aside of all the other reasons that Scott McCall is my favorite character on Teen Wolf, one of the biggest ones is his character growth. (this goes for the actor as well as the character, Tyler Posey is probably the one actor who's grown the most into his role and improved as an actor overall. I mean, Tyler Hoechlin was always awesome, and I liked Posey from the start, but over the past few years Posey is getting to be as good as Hoechlin and has definitely long surpassed O'Brien, who imo has stagnated since s1)

A surefire way to get me to love a character, is when they learn from their mistakes and are affected by the experiences they go through to grow as individuals.
Character growth isn't always positive, but at least it shows that they aren't just Teflon figures who are the same in the first episode as they are in the last. (for other examples, just look at how Sam and Dean Winchester have changed from s1-9, the change is almost heartbreaking.)

With Scott, to see him go from that sweet young naive child, to this maturing young man who's learning about responsibility and taking up the burden of leadership. To see how he deals with school, love, friends... it breaks my heart and makes me love him more with each passing ep. And has slowly but surely set him on the path of replacing Peter Parker's spot in my heart. Especially now that the real Peter is gone, thanks to Dan 'may he rot in hell' Slott.
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There used to be a time when I didn’t hate Stiles. Sure he annoyed and bored me in equal measures, but I could watch the show without wanting him gone.

He reminded me way too much of the bullies that screwed up my childhood and basically made it so that I’m still scared of saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing in fear of people hating me for it.

It’s one of the reasons I don’t go for asshole characters like Stiles, like British Sherlock, like Loki, I’ve seen too many people like them and they’re not worth knowing.

And yet when watching Teen Wolf season one, I could ignore the guy and focus on Scott and be happy. Only then I made the mistake of coming into fandom and over a period of little over a year, the very people who call themselves Stiles fans have taken care of it that I now hate his guts.

That just seeing his name as the main char in a fic ensures I will not read it. That seeing him as part of a pairing will make me lose pretty much most of my interest in the pairing. And a lot of it has to do with the way his fans behave. With the lack of respect they show to people who think different from themselves.

I used to be indifferent to the guy, and now I hate his guts and get reminded more and more of those very bullies that used sarcasm and socalled wits to ruin the life of anyone that wasn’t a part of their little group. That intentionally excluded anyone that wasn’t like them.

Sarcastic assholes might seem funny on television, but in real life, they’re hell.

But I used to be able to ignore that, to just push him aside and focus on the characters that mattered, because the show was awesome and Scott was just so lovable and had all the traits I adore in a character.

And sure it annoyed the hell out of me that when I went into fandom, that all I could find was Stiles fics, even if most of them gave Stiles huge parts of Scott's personality while writing Scott ooc or completely ignoring him. Or that if I looked for crossovers, pretty much most of them had nothing to do with the actual show and were instead generic fics with sweet kid/brooding darker man fics, the likes of which you could find in pretty much any fandom.

But it did stand noticeable that aside of the fact how most of them ignored Stiles misogyny and acted as if his asshole attitude was just him being 'funny', that the majority of them still felt nothing like the actual show.

Hell, I remember when people started shipping Scott/Isaac and I was hopeful that we finally get some focus on Scott, ... only as usual, people started focusing on the white half of the pairing, and even then most fics with scisaac are Sterek fics with Scisaac as a side pairing, with primary focus on what a poor woobie that Isaac is, completely ignoring Scott's issues or feelings or...

It's something you notice in a lot of fandoms really.

Take Criminal Minds. Derek is a canonical victim of sexual abuse, treated horribly about this as a child and overcoming it to be the hero he is in present day. If he were white, there is no doubt that he'd be the woobie of the series. And instead most fics focus on what a poor woobie that Reir or Hotchner are.

Angel, we've got Gunn, a kid who grew up on the street, taking care of his little sister. He's the regular human of the group, if he were white, everyone would consider him the relateable one.

And instead he's barely used in fics and when he is, it's just as the buddy to Wesley, his relationship with Fred for the most part ignored. And half the time his issues and pain is just ... pushed aside, because poor ignored Wesley is 'so much more interesting.

In s1 Pete on Smallville had the exact same role as Stiles did on Teen Wolf. Funny sidekick. The actor playing him, Sam Jones is just as good if not better than Dylan O'Brien (keep in mind that my opinion of O'Brien's acting is not that high). Yet within a season, his character was not only pushed aside, but even though Pete was the canon char from the comics, he was quickly ignored as best friend to Clark and easily replaced by white girl-reporter Chloe Sullivan. A character who just like Stiles quickly took over the show's fandom.

Take Psych, I'm not the show's biggest fan, but what eps I've seen, you'd think that Shawn and Gus would be the pairing to ship. Best friends, as close as brothers, they have everything that people who ship the likes of wincest or that brother pairing on Numb3rs would go for. Yet... they aren't. Instead people focus on Lassiter instead.

Take Grimm, where you could easily ship Nick with Hank, yet instead, Nick/Monroe and Nick/Renard

Take Sleepy Hollow. Though I'm glad we get a focus on Abby who's my fave char on the show, fandom only seems to do so, because there's no white male for them to ship Ichabod with. Seriously, if Captain Irving were white, everyone would be shipping Ichabod/Irving... (and if anyone has the guts to say we didn't know enough about Irving to ship him with anyone, I've got plenty of Renard/Nick fics to show you how meaningless that seems to be when the character is white and thus considered 'pretty')

After a while you just start to see a pattern and that too plays in how much I've come to despise Stiles, and the likes of him.

Because people don't like to admit that they're following a pattern, but they are and it's a rather racist pattern. By now, I have no doubt that if Scott were played by a white actor, instead of by a Latino one, and Stiles were played by a black or otherwise poc actor, no one would give a single bit of a damn about Stiles. Other than as the wacky friend. Because it sure as hell is not the character type, or the acting that seems to make a difference. No matter how much Stiles fans might like to claim that Dylan is so much better an actor than Tyler Posey, a claim that is mockworthy since Dylan is just playing himself and the difference between Tyler and Scott is pretty large once you start actually following Tyler Posey.

But then fandom as a whole doesn't like to look at their own behavior and when you call them on it, they will deny it, will talk about what a poor woobie Stiles is, as as if.

Admittedly, another part of it is that fandom as a whole loves it's assholes. House, Loki, British Sherlock...

Hell even in spn, the more Sam starts acting like an asshole, the more fans he seems to get out of it. It's like being an asshole seems to get more people to relate to him, even as they completely ignore said asshole attitude in their fics where said assholes suddenly become the poor victims of circumstance and it's really the decent people around them who are the blame for said asshole's bad behavior. (and I'm really sick and tired of the woobiefication of Loki, cause Loki is many things, but a woobie is not one of them)

And it's an asshole attitude that is directly related to their whiteness, because when a poc character dares to do anything wrong, even if it's not half as bad as anything the white asshole does, you can bet that sure as hell, said fans will jump on it like a bone and will hold it over said poc character for all time to come.

It's an attitude that unfortunately traces through to real life as well. Where a white kid who does something wrong is seen as a victim of circumstance, while a black or poc kid is judged over and over for the most minor flaw. Because people 'relate' to said white kids and can come up with excuses for their behavior. But people can't seem to do the same if said kid isn't white.

And if we don't start looking at people's reaction to TV and media characters and judging this difference in response, then how can we expect them to look at their real life reactions as well?

So yes, I hate Stiles, I hate Stiles, because his fans refuse to see any of his flaws, because his fans keep making excuses for him, for anything he does, no matter what crap he pulls, does or says. And I hate him even more, because said same fans will crucify Scott for any choice he makes even if those choices are to save lives or do the right thing, or just the crime to care about something other than the feelings of their white boy fanfave.

I've come to despise Stiles, not just because he's an asshole, I can ignore assholes in other fandoms, but because his fans refuse to acknowledge he's an asshole and project his bad traits on Scott, while stealing Scott's good traits and handing them to Stiles.

And most of all, I've come to despise Stiles, because the moment you admit that he's not even in your top ten of fave Teen Wolf characters, that it makes you an outsider in Teen Wolf fandom and people just don't seem to get that some of us have actually met real life Stileses. And they're not nice people to know.

And I really hate being reminded of the kind of kids, that would run off on a school trip and leave you alone in the middle of a big city, because to them, if you're not part of their clique, you're nothing.... Because that's what Stiles is to me, and I can't help but hating his guts for it.
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Trying to get into writing Teen Wolf, so I figured I'd just give it a try. :-)

Title: The man that didn’t belong
Fandom:Teen Wolf
Characters: Melissa McCall, Scott McCall, Agent McCall
Summary: short drabble dealing with Melissa’s reaction to seeing her ex
Notes: spoiler for s3, esp. the mid season finale

Melissa didn’t dare say a word. She didn’t want to be one of those mothers who turn their children against the other parent after a divorce. No matter how much the bastard deserved it. But seeing her son slam the door in her ex husbands face…

She really didn’t want the man in her house, he didn’t belong here, not after all that had happened. To be honest, he’d never really belonged. Work had always been more important to him than her and Scott had been. When he finally left for real, it had been no surprise that all he took with him was two suitcases and a box, one of them had been hers, the one time he’d taken her and Scott with him for a summer vacation. He’d left both of them halfway through, stuck in some motel on the way to Disney land, two days later he’d finally called her back, telling her to head on without him.

She’d wanted to go home instead, but Scott had had so much fun in the pool near the motel, that they’d stayed two days longer before heading home. Seems like seeing Stiles again had made up for that messed up vacation all too quick.

It wasn’t for her sake that she hated the man. She’d been used to his crap. But Scott, he shouldn’t have had to.

When he entered her living room, wringing his hands, glaring at her. She didn’t even offer him anything to drink. He left shortly after.
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Considering the response I got on Tumblr, I'm planning to create a Scott McCall Mini Bang. Figured that if us Scott fans head to the Teen Wolf archive on ao3, that we should be able to find at least some fics that actually have Scott as the main character.

Now I just need to look at some other big bangs and see how to arrange one. Any one got any ideas?
(sticking with mini bang, because the idea is to get people in the habit of actually writing Scott centric fic and I don't want to demand too much of people)

I also need to find one or more co-mods to help me arrange this.
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There’s this ‘funny’ thing that happens in Teen Wolf fandom. I keep seeing it happen when people try to ‘explain’ why they prefer Derek over Scott. And usually they say it’s because he’s more ‘complex’, more ‘interesting’, or you know ‘deeper’.

And then I watch the actual show, and I wonder where they get that bit of nonsense.

Derek is fun enough, if you want a simple character who’s entire personality is based on angst. That’s it. He has no real depth. He has potential sure, but beyond the angst, there really is nothing about his character that sets him apart.

He kinda reminds me of Angel, BTVS S1 Angel that is. Mysterious/cryptic guy in the shadows with the deep and dark tragic past.

Which is ok, as far as characters go, but it doesn’t really do much if there isn’t anything else.

One of the things that made Angel a great character, is that from s2 on, around the time that David Boreanaz’ acting skills finally started improving, they built on to the character in ways to develop him beyond the angst. Only it wasn’t until Angel got his own series, that he truly came into his own and developed a personality beyond the angst.

Not by killing off even more people that he cared about, but by giving him quirks, character traits. By making him petty, by having him love music that sucks like Mandy, and giving him a terrible singing voice. By having him cook for his friends in the morning, and care about how his hair looks when he finally gets a chance to see his reflection. By having him jump into the wrong car during a dramatic chase…

Silly little things really. But they developed this one dimensional character into something more, something special. And I’m not even that much of an Angel fangirl. I by far prefer Spike. But despite my preference, I can recognize the character build up they gave to Angel, letting him be more than the mysterious brooder in the shadows who gave Buffy cryptic clues.

Same with Dean Winchester. If you look at the character’s history, he could be this dark broody character who angst about all the pain and suffering he’s been through all his life. But he’s more than that. He has hobbies, interests, we know what he does for fun, we know what a nerd he is. He has these quirky traits that develop him beyond the stereotype he could have been pushed into.

Derek though… what do we really know about Derek? That his family was killed. That he got his girlfriend killed as a teenager. That he was seduced by Kate, and she used him in some way that led to the Hales dying.

We know he’s from a rich family/pack, that he has money, and that he was a born wolf and can be violent.

But none of that tells us anything else about Derek beyond the angst. He has no personality beyond his manpain.

Sure he’s pretty, but pretty doesn’t equal a good character.

Compare that to Scott. We know he loves lacrosse, we know he loves Allison, we know his father abandoned him, that he used to suffer from ashtma. We know he’s never watched Star Wars, that he loves Stiles like a brother, that…

Scott has an actual personality, he isn’t defined by his angst. His pain is a part of him, but it’s not all he is.

Scott has improved with every single season. (unlike say Stiles who imo has remained stagnant from s1 on), he grows as a character, as he grows up.

Derek has … potential to be a good character. But so far, all he is is built primarily on Tyler Hoechlin’s looks and acting skills. And I personally kinda require more from a character than that.

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