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1. In the Flesh

I love both Rick/Kieren and Kieren/Simon, but i prefer stories that focus on the non-romantic relationships on the show. Friendships, but especially family relationships. That and a further worldbuilding beyond what the show already gave us, and what it's like to be a PDS sufferer in the ITF verse

2. Lucifer

Lucifer is one of the rare cases where I like a character who can be a bit of an asshole like Lucifer, the main difference of what makes Lucifer work, is that he feels like a child who is starting to learn boundaries, morality, and is struggling to grow up. Which is why his relationship with Linda is as important to me, as the one he has with Chloe. I don't mind Chloe/Lucifer so much, but I prefer for it to be platonic, at least until Lucifer is grown up enough to be with her.

Luciferr's relationship with Amenadiel is one of my fave parts of the show, that mix of love, annoyance and hate is just fascinating to me. Combine that with some Amenadiel/Maze and a heavy dose of Trixie, and you have a big part of what makes the show awesome.

3. Underground

One of my fave new shows of the past few years. I love that though the show doesn't shy away from the horrors of slavery, that it never makes the black characters mere victims. These are heroes who struggle for their selfworth, freedom and happiness. Showing their strenght, desire for freedom and humanity, and I'd love any story that reflects that.

4. iZombie

I love Clive, I love every single character on the show, but especially Liv and Clive, and there are just so few fics that focus primarily on the relationship between the two of them. Whether it's romantic or platonic, I don't care, long as it has the two of them. And of course, can't forget about Ravi, and Liv, or Peyton and Liv, or any of them together and... I just love the frienships on this show.

I'd adore anyone willing to give me a story that has Clive dealing with the reality of zombies, and how one of his best friends is a zombie, and what that means to him. I'd also love to see more of his private life, and why he likes to keep it seperate from his job.

5.  Sky High

The sign up page didn't allow me many characters to choose for this movie, but Warren, along with Will, is amongst my faves. I'd just like to see something that focus on how the school works, what their lives are like after they graduate, how this world deals with superheroes, and  how it interacts with the 'real world'
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Bit hesitant on how much I should say, no matter how often I sign up for this challenge, it keeps getting me nervous.

But let's get this thing going, shall we ;-)

General likes and dislikes.

I'm generally pretty easy. I tend to like canon pairings, love heroes and heroic characters. And I'm a huge fan of angst, hurt/comfort and so on.
I particularly love outside pov and crossovers, and will generally prefer plot over pwp.

I'd definitely welcome people joining the Chromatic challenge or the Misses Clause challenge. I'm in favor of Crueltide (aka darkfic) but I'd prefer dark fic with a happy ending if possible.

Fandoms this year are: Spider-Man (Ultimateverse), In the Flesh, Warm Bodies( 2013), Grimm, the Flash(2014), Tomorow People (2013)

fandom #1 Spider-Man (Ultimateverse)

I've completely fallen in love with Miles Morales, anything that focuses on him, his friends, his family, and his interactions with the city, other heroes, bad guys, ... (or a certain person who was newly resurrected) would be welcome. What would he say to his father now, what was his relationship like to his uncle, how much did his parents notice of what happened to him. Any interactions with Nick Fury and how he felt about Miles after what happened to Peter. Interactions with May Parker, with Jessica Drew, with...

fandom #2  In the Flesh (TV)
(keep in mind that just because I picked those four, doesn't mean that you absolutely have to use any of them. This is a fandom where any and all characters are welcome. I literally love all of them, I even love to hate the bad guys *eg*)

It's the fandom of my heart, I love Kieren, I love Simon, I love Jem, Rick, ... there isn't much you can do wrong here.Just... much as I love siren as a pairing, and love to see Simon and Kieren together, Philip and Amy, or Jem paired with pretty much anyone I'd much prefer plot-centric fics, or friends and family based fics, over fics that are focused solely on romance.

I'd love to see a further exploration of the world it's set in, of characters who sideline the main story. Views on what happened during the Rising, outside pov's on the main characters, what happens after the series ends. The build up of the ULA, pretty much anything.

fandom #3 Warm Bodies (2013)

Plot, consequences, anything to do with what happens after the movie ended. How do people deal with the former zombies living amongst them. How do R and his friends adjust to being human again. What's it like to have to cope with all the people you've killed while dead, or with having killed corpses that might have been cured if given the chance.

How does the community cope, how does the world move on. How does Julie's father deal with having Julie start dating R. Does Nora ever get the chance to be a doctor/nurse. What happens to M(arcus)

(I should probably mention that I love the book as much as I do the movie, and I don't mind mashups of the two. )

fandom #4 Grimm (TV)

Unfortunately several of the chars I would have wanted to see nominated didn't make the list, like say Sergeant Wu, Kelly Burkhardt and Marie Kessler. So if you want to write about any of them, I'd be more than happy for it.

As for the rest...

Nick, my baby. How do he and Juliette cope with the fact Adalind raped him. What's it like for him to lose his abilities as a Grimm and how does he get them back. Do sergeant Wu and Hank talk about all the weirdness in Portland, does Wu ever find out the truth? (please let him find out) and does he forgive the others for lying to him and keeping him in the dark.

Does Juliette learn to cope, what's her friendship with Rosalee like, can we get to see more of the two of them dealing with Trubble.

What's Monroe and Rosalee's relationship like now that they're married, and how do their families cope with them.

Pretty much anything is welcome

fandom #5 The Flash (TV 2014)
I would have added Iris and Caitlin as characters if I had more characters to pick, but well you know the limits.

Family, what was it like for the Wests to take Barry in. Barry's relationships to Iris and Joe. Any ideas about Cisco. What's Harrison up to. The series has only just begun so the options are endless.

Just please no ship fic, I don't really ship any pairings yet, so adding a ship is not a problem, I'd just prefer the fic to be about more than romance.

fandom #6 The Tomorrow People (2013)

How does their story continue. I ship plenty of pairings, I just prefer plot and friendship over romance. John, Stephen, Astrid and Russel are my favorite characters on this show, and I would love to see more fics focusing on Russel. But if you want to write about any of the more small time characters I definitely woudln't mind. I'd love some more world building, anything that explores what it's like to be a tomorow person, or how they're seen by members of Ultra...
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Beer, smokes and a couple of Corpses (1192 words) by liliaeth
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Warm Bodies - All Media Types
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: R/Julie Grigio, MOC/MOC
Characters: R (Warm Bodies), Julie Grigio
Additional Tags: POV Outsider, Yuletide Treats, Zombies

A survivor from another community runs into Julie and R as they're spreading the cure

Fucked Up (1480 words) by liliaeth
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Dexter (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Dexter Morgan, Debra Morgan, Harry Morgan, Olliver Saxon
Additional Tags: Mental Breakdown

An alternative to the Dexter series finale

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